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Is York chocolate Halal? Clear answer | Hadith | FAQs

Suhel ahmad

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You might be a cat lover. And you are interested to know about York chocolate cat among many cat breeds. You are interested to know whether this type of cat is halal in Islam.

In this post, we want to discuss whether the York chocolate cat is halal or not. But you have to understand that this is not our discussion about the chocolate that is in vogue called york dark chocolate.

What is york chocolate?

York Chocolate refers to a specific breed of cat rather than a type of chocolate. The York Chocolate cat is a domestic breed known for its unique appearance and friendly demeanour.

It originated in the United States in the 1980s and is characterized by its long, fluffy coat, large expressive eyes, and distinctive chocolate-coloured fur.

The breed is recognized for its affectionate nature and is often described as a loving and devoted companion. Despite its name, the York Chocolate cat has no relation to the chocolate confectionery.

Is york chocolate Halal?

Yes, the york chocolate cat is halal. You can nurture it if you want because raising cats is not a forbidden act in Islam. Islam has a positive attitude towards keeping cats. But eating cat meat is forbidden—no matter what kind of cat it is.

Muslims in different countries of the world keep cats in different ways. In Taraweeh’s prayer in Ramadan 2023, we saw an imam standing in prayer with a cat climbing on his body. He then patted the cat while praying and let the cat sit on his shoulder. This is a good example of compassion for cats.

Evidence of york chocolate being halal

Many of you know the name of a famous companion is Abu Huraira Radiyallahu Anhu. Hurrayah is an Arabic word meaning little cat. This nomenclature has a beautiful history.

Once Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu Anhu came to the court of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam with a cat. Seeing the companion’s great compassion for the cat, the Prophet gave him the title of Abu Huraira or the father of the cat.

If you look at this story, you will understand that the Prophet saw the cat and did not say it was haram. He legitimized it. And the cat owner gave the companion a name corresponding to the cat. From this, we understand that york chocolate is halal.

Hadith about cats

York chocolate Halal
York chocolate Halal

Kabsha Bint Ka’b Ibn Malik RA. Said, ‘Abu Qatada RA. He came to me. I brought an azure pot filled with water for him. Meanwhile, a cat drank water from it. He tilted the pot for the cat.

So that he can drink freely. Kabsha Ra. Said, then Abu Qatada RA. He saw me looking at him in surprise. He said, O niece! Are you feeling amazing? I said yes. He said, Rasul SAW. Said, ‘They (cats) are not impure, they are strays and strays around you.’ (Nasa’i 341)

In another hadith, the Companions asked, O Messenger of God! Is there a reward for us in the animals? He said, “There is merit in every fresh liver.” (Bukhari, Hadith: 3467; Muslim, Hadith: 2245)

It is also mentioned in the hadith that the Prophet (PBUH) gave water to the cat from his ablution bowl. The famous companion Abu Huraira (RA) is also famous for his love for cats.

Scholars’ opinion

Muslim scholars say that although no provision in the Qur’an and Hadith mentions ork chocolate by name, it would be halal just like the ruling on ordinary cats. So there is no difficulty in keeping ork chocolate cats.

However, the cat must be provided with adequate food and drink. Show proper kindness to cats. The cat should not be hurt in any way. But always be careful, if the cat gets dirty or impure somewhere – it should be cleaned.

It is stated in the hadith,

A woman is tortured for a cat. Because the cat was trapped and died. As a result, he went to hell. He held the cat and did not give him food or drink. Did not leave it again so that the insects of the soil could survive. (Muslim, Hadith: 5745)


York chocolate if you put your face in water will it be impure?

It is better not to use york chocolate after mouthing it in water. If the water is good, it is makruh to use cat litter. However, if there is no good water other than cat litter, that water can be used for purification. Because cat litter is not dirty.

It is narrated in the Hadith Sharif on the authority of Abu Qatada, who said: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

إِنّهَا لَيْسَتْ بِنَجَسٍ, إِنّمَا هِيَ مِنَ الطّوّافِينَ عَلَيْكُمْ, أَوِ الطّوّافَاتِ

Surely cats are not unclean. Because it is an animal that roams around you more. (Jamee at Tirmidhi 92)

Abdullah Ibn Umar RA. He disliked ablution with cat wastewater. (Al-Awsat, Ibn al-Munzeer 1/411; Musannaf Abdur Razzaq 340, Tirmidhi 92)

Is it permissible to kill york chocolate if it harms people?

If york chocolate harms someone, it is permissible to kill it. because
It is permissible to kill a stray cat. Because Hadith Sharif mentions the legality of killing harmful animals. It is permissible to kill harmful cats. But can not be beaten to death. Because it causes more suffering to animals. Any method that minimizes the suffering should be adopted. Such as slaughter with sharp weapons.

Can York chocolate be bought and sold?

Islam is encouraged not to buy and sell york chocolate. It is called impermissible. However, it can be given as a gift. If the owner does not claim it, it can be taken by oneself.

Abu Jubair Rah. said, ‘When I asked Jaber RA about buying and selling dogs and cats, he said, the Prophet SAW. He warned about this.’ (Muslim 1569)

Jabir Ibn Abdullah RA. Said, ‘Rasul (SA.) Forbidden to accept the selling price of dogs and cats.’ (Abu Dawud 3479)

Hadith about the black cat

Superstition is prevalent, the black cat is the incarnation of Satan. Some consider a black cat to be a sign of good or bad luck if they see it in the house. It is Shirk to think so.

There is no hadith about this, but all good and bad comes from Allah. Even if Allah forgives all the sins of a servant, He will not forgive the sins of shirk.

Allah Ta’ala says, ‘Surely whoever associates partners with Allah, Allah forbids Paradise for him and his abode will be Hell.’ (Surah Al-Maida: 72)

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