Is Sprite halal? Know the truth, not emotion

Suhel ahmad

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We consume various types of food and drinks beyond regular meals for daily living. Along with it, there are many pleasant and luxurious drinks. There are several cold drinks available in the market as soft drinks. One of them is – Pepsi, Sprite, Speed, Coca-Cola etc. Worryingly, many Muslims do not know whether these soft drinks are halal or not.

Because of this, there is doubt among many people about how much cold drinks are acceptable as halal or from the Islamic perspective. In this regard, Islamic law and jurisprudence experts say that to pronounce Sharia ruling on Pepsi, Sprite, Coca-Cola and other cold drinks available in the market, we need to know about a few things first.

Short answer

Yes, sprite is halal. I am not aware of any haram ingredients in such drinks. So there is no reason for it to be haram. Nothing haram is used in the ingredients, even alcohol or pork fat is used in the sprite, it is not mentioned anywhere. Therefore, declaring something haram based on guesswork is absolutely haram.

For a drink to be considered halal or haram, there must be the presence or absence of certain things in it. We discuss them below.

Is Sprite halal?
Is Sprite halal?

If something haram is mixed, how much is it?

If haram substance is mixed, what is its processing? And after mixing haram substances in this food, its previous state (haraam effect) remains or does it change?

Answering this is easy and possible subject to knowing the above points. However, according to a principle of Ilma Fiqh, the scholars say-

If a haram substance such as pork is refined in such a way that no originality remains, then it is permissible to use this substance or drink. And if after mixing the haram substance its originality remains, then it is not permissible to use the substance with which it is mixed. -(Nihayatul Muhtaz Lee Ramali-8/12)


It is stated in Fatwae Hindia, Majmaul Anhur and Fatwae Mahmudiya, As for (the wine) if it is disturbed by treatment with salt or otherwise, it will be solved by us.

That is, when alcohol is made into vinegar with salt or something else, it becomes halal. (Fatwae Hindia-5/410, Majmaul Anhur-4/251, Fatwae Mahmudia-27/218)

Cold sold in the current market is based on this principle Provisions will be made on drinks. That is, if a haram substance is mixed in these cold drinks, and before mixing it is processed in such a way that no originality of the haram substance remains, then it will be permissible to use it, and if the originality remains then it will not be permissible to use it.

Scholars’ opinion

Scholars say, but as far as we know, in the current market cold drinks do not use impure products, soda like products are used, and even if any impurity is used, it is refined in such a way that no odor remains, so There is no Shariah restriction in using these products.

Fatwa on sprite halal

It is halal to drink soft drinks like funda, sprite, coca cola, pepsi etc. Because there is evidence that there is a definite or strong suspicion that intoxicants or alcohol are involved in any soft drink, it is important to refrain from drinking those drinks. If there is evidence of mixing haram, then the product will be considered haram.

But nothing becomes haram just on the basis of suspicion and rumour. Therefore, if alcohol made from grape or date juice is not used in the mentioned drinks, (and as far as we know alcohol made from grape or date juice is not used in the mentioned drinks) then it will be permissible to drink it for the purpose of digesting food or gaining energy. (Raddul Muhtar: 6/454)

Other opinions and refutations

Many people say that it is not permissible to drink liquid or soft drinks available in the market like Fanta, Merinda, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Juice etc. Because those soft drinks contain at least 5% alcohol i.e. drugs. However, their opinion did not seem right to us.

They said that consuming or drinking all kinds of drugs is forbidden in Islam or Sharia. One may say, 5% is a small amount, what is wrong with it, in answer to that it is enough to say that what is haram is haram, like a large amount is haram, small or small amount is also haram. Where is it that a small amount would be permissible or no inconvenience? nowhere

For example, if one kilogram or two kilograms of milk is mixed with a small amount of cow gram or dung, is it permissible to eat that milk? And if anyone knows that he will drink milk? never

If in the case of milk mixed with a small amount of haram it is not permissible to eat it and one does not agree to eat or drink it, then how can it be permissible and lawful to drink or eat a liquid or soft drink mixed with a small amount of haram alcohol? It will not be permissible and halal even in the future.

Refute their views

We do not agree with their statement. Because first of all they say five percent alcohol is used in sprite but this is not true. They could not provide evidence to support their statement. We know that no alcohol is used at speed. Moreover, they said that alcohol is haram even if it is a little bit haram. We will say that alcohol is expressly forbidden in the Quran, not sprite. So liquor is haram and sprite is halal.


Does the sprite contain any illegal elements?

As we know Sprite contains carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavors and caffeine. None of these ingredients are haram. It is essential to check the ingredients list if there are specific concerns about additives or flavors.

Is there a halal-certified version of Sprite?

Coca-Cola, the company that produces Sprite, may have variations of Sprite or other similar drinks that are Halal certified. I recommend checking with the local halal certification authority or contacting the company directly for information on halal-certified products.

What if I’m not sure about the legal status of the sprite?

If you are unsure about Sprite’s halal status, you can contact the manufacturer for clarification on the ingredients and manufacturing process. Additionally, consultation with local religious authorities or halal certification agencies can provide guidance.

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